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Springfield Amtrak Services

We service the Springfield Amtrak Station as part of our regularly scheduled service to or from Bradley International Airport. We only stop at the Amtrak Station for passengers with reservations.

Click here to view typical Amtrak Rates to and from Amherst College, Smith College, Mt. Holyoke College, Hampshire College, UMass, Amherst, Northampton, South Hadley and other selected towns and cities of the Pioneer Valley region of Western Massachusetts.

  • VIP Exclusive Service is available outside of our standard business hours. Rates vary depending upon location and time of day. Please call for information and rates.

       To Amtrak
  • Arrivals are hourly, beginning with the first arrival at approximately 5:30AM, and thereafter at approximately quarter to the hour throughout the day until our final arrival at 11:45 PM, provided we have reservations.

  • When reservations are made, you are given a one-half hour window during which you will be picked up. This will be adjusted to a more accurate time according to geographical requirements. We will call you the evening before pickup between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM to narrow down your pickup time.

  • Passengers must be ready to leave at the beginning of their assigned pickup window. . .we will attempt to be there as early as possible within that window.

       From Amtrak
  • When making reservations, we require all arriving train information as we track all incoming passenger's trains by train number.

  • As we will usually be stopping a van which is departing Bradley International Airport, pickup times at Amtrak are approximate. . but normally occur between the hour and quarter past the hour.

  • Our final departure from Amtrak is at 1:00 AM to 1:15 AM, provided we have reservations.

  • If you miss your assigned pickup, we will provide space for you on our van leaving the following hour. Because we track your train we will know if you will be unable to make your assigned departure.

  • If, during your travels, you are rerouted by Amtrak, resulting in an arrival on a train different than the train information we were given when the initial reservation was made, you must contact us at 877-314-7271 to advise us of the new arrival information. Without this information we may not be able to have a van at the station at the new arrival time.

Advance Reservations Required
Book Online (72 hour notice)
Or Call Our Reservations Center
Toll Free: 800-872-8752
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat & Sun 9am-5pm ET

Pick-up Procedure at an Airport or the Springfield Amtrak Station:

When you have your bags, call our DISPATCHER at 1-877-314-7271.
The dispatcher will direct you to the location where you'll meet your driver.
The drivers are not allowed to wait at the terminal,
so we must know you're ready to go before we can send them to your terminal.
Pick-ups are by advance reservation, and on a schedule.
Also, please call this number if your flight has been changed or canceled.

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